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Discover the marvels of Apulia

They tell the story of a remarkable place in the Mediterranean; a peninsula between two seas, over time becoming a quay for men and saints: Greek and ...

A bicerin in Turin - and a world fair in Milan

A piece of advice from food historian Francine Segan: “If you have never been to Turin, you must absolutely put it on your list of things to do ...

War & Art: the Destruction and Protection of Italian Cultural Heritage during WWI

Every human being is emotionally attached to the art and artifacts that symbolize his history and identity. The struggles of Italians in protecting ...

The American rebirth of the Italian Renaissance

The month of April is particularly rich of events, don’t miss them. We have handpicked several exhibitions in U.S. museums especially for you. ..."

A ritual of love in Francesco Nonino’s photos

Homemade pasta is a ritual of love, that brings back memories of Sunday mornings and family togetherness. The photos of Francesco Nonino, on show at ...

“Symposium” at the Embassy of Italy

Have you ever experienced the conviviality of a symposium? You can relive those ancient banquet festivities in Washington DC with the characters and ...

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