Digital Nomads: Everything You Wanted to Know About Them

Have you ever wanted to combine travel and work? To be able to explore the world and different cultures all year round without sacrificing your paycheck? A digital nomad is a term for people who do exactly that. This lifestyle has become popular in Poland where people travel all over the country while working at the same time or even betting on sports to earn some money for their trip, which you can read more about on They have an online job that allows them to work from any place in the world as long as there is an internet connection! You have probably been able to see them working at your favorite local coffee shop or the public library; however, there are still a lot of questions and confusion concerning their way of life.

Who are they exactly?

This group is mostly male and actually older than most of us would expect. About 68% of them are male and 54% are older than 38. Many of the Baby Boomers are trying to avoid retirement and work independently, which makes this nomadic lifestyle very popular among them. Some of the digital nomads work full-time while others are dedicated only part-time. Those who work part-time (which is about 38% of them) earn less than $10.000 every year, but the ones who are fully devoted to their work can earn up to $80.000 a year and live comfortably while constantly changing time-zones. They have a full array of professions to choose from, but some of the most popular ones are IT professions such as developers or programmers, or creative ones such as writers, editors, and designers.

Why is this lifestyle so popular?

Many people these days are pursuing a nomadic carrier, so much that it has become a rarity to hear that someone is looking for an office job. To be more exact, 17 million people aspire to become digital nomads one day, and more than a third of those people already work online part-time. Some of the main reasons for choosing this lifestyle are greater freedom, flexible working hours, being able to explore the world, and being able to spend more time with family and friends. Development of technology and the IT industry has certainly helped to improve their position and it seems like it is only getting better.

Do they have a future?

Digital nomadism is definitely not for everyone. Some people enjoy their office jobs and are not interested in changing countries every month. With that said, digital nomadism is still a rising trend. Numerous data shows that the number of people choosing this lifestyle will only get bigger in the next couple of years. Since it looks like a dream job that many people thought could never be a reality, we can only say that digital nomadism is here to stay.