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Italy - heavenly from space but don’t miss its stars on earth

To say Ciao! to 2015 and to celebrate the start of 2016 we propose to you our most popular post of the year - with updated facts and figures: To ...

Jhumpa Lahiri presents In Other Words. “Italian is the language of happiness”

Last night at the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. we gave a twofold welcome to Jhumpa Lahiri, author of “In Other Words”: a welcome to our ...

Italian - the language of music in a video

Italian, a musical language. Do you play the flute, the piano, the guitar or even the triangle? Then for sure you speak some Italian – piano, ...

Meet Gianandrea Noseda, National Symphony Orchestra next music director

and discover his vision. "He is perhaps the starriest and most talented conductor ever to come the NSO’s way", classical music critic ...

The place to be in 2016? The Italian city of Mantua

The Italian city of Mantua, named 2016 Italian Capital of Culture. This city, who had among his famous citizens the Latin poet Virgil, the composer ...

Italy: the best country to study abroad, according to millennials

#‎Italy‬ is the best country to study abroad, at least according to nearly 6,000 millennials, or adults under age 35, who filled out surveys for ...

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