Top Multicultural Cities in the World

In the modern world, thanks to technology and the Internet, people can do most things online and find out almost any kind of information. Besides having fun on sites like, they may get to know other cities and places by reading blogs and watching travel shows on TV. The media has made people realize that there are places that provide better economic opportunities and, in some unfortunate cases, safety. As a result, there are countries and cities that are just a wonderful mosaic of different creeds, races, origin, and so on. Here are the top multicultural cities in the world.


Canadians, eh? There is something to be said of the people often mocked by Americans for being too nice and polite that drew in some many foreigners that one of its cities is lauded as the most culturally diverse in the world. The free healthcare might have had something to do with it. Whatever the case may be, 47% of Toronto belongs to ethnic groups that create their own little neighborhoods. You will find Little China, Little Italy, and Greektown and you’ll swear that you are in Canada no more.


While the culture of Dubai can be described as focused only on being Islamic, Arabian, and Emirati, the number of ethnicities is amazing to behold. Most of them hail from Asian and South-Asian countries, while a quarter of all people in Dubai is Iranian. Here’s an interesting piece of info – 16% couldn’t be identified as belonging to a nation or ethnicity, due to the fact that they lived in labor camps. That is a large percentage. Dubai is one of those places where multiculturalism may not mean what you think it means.


One of the reasons Brexit came to be was the fact that conservatives wanted more serious measures taken against letting people from other countries live and work in the UK. And yet, in spite of that and the imperialistic mentality of some groups, London is one of the most culturally diverse cities. The language spoken officially is, of course, English. However, there are a few hundred other languages spoken by people originally coming from India, Africa, and Pakistan, just to name a few places.


It is illegal to ask someone about their religion, race, or ethnicity in France for a survey or census. That is why it is very difficult to determine the percentage of minorities in Paris. Regardless, there have been independent research projects that put that number anywhere between 15% and 20%. Most of the ethnic groups come from African and Asian countries, though there have been some from the European countries as well.

One must not forget ethnicities within France that did not find themselves there as a result of immigration, but historical disputes, like the Basques. The official language of France is French, but people also speak Arabic, Berber, Italian, Portuguese, English, and Polish.

New York City

Republicans would flip their lid if they had the exact statistics regarding cultures and ethnicities in New York City. The city is praised as a mixture of everyone and everything. While 44% of people there are white, according to data from 2010, a quarter of the people in New York are black, 27% are Hispanic, and 11% are Asian. Mixing of different races and ethnicities is practically constant.

It is possible to walk around the city and not hear English, but instead Spanish and Spanish Creole. Other languages you may encounter are Chinese, Russian, Hindi, and Urdu